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Fix Missing Gnome Theme in Ubuntu Apps

If you run Ubuntu or a different distribution that uses Snap packages, you may have some apps even preinstalled as Snap … weiterlesen

Enhance your ArchLinux experience on the T440

While ThinkPads are known for wonderful Linux support, it may still happen that things are not working perfectly by defa… weiterlesen

Fix Bullet Lists In Google Docs

I just stumbled upon huge looking bullet points in a Google Docs document In fact, the document, full of lists, did simp… weiterlesen

Make the Prosody Upload Url fancy

Some serverowners might be interested in understanding how to properly set up http_upload with their Prosody instance. … weiterlesen

Import Footage into Resolve Free on Linux

If you made it to a starting Resolve installation on your Linux system (congrats) and you don't actually use the Studio … weiterlesen

Quiet AMD Card on Linux

After I replaced my GTX1060 from Zotac (which can turn off the fans by itself) with an MSI RX570, i was quite frustrated… weiterlesen

HowTo make Bijiben's Nextcloud Sync more reliable and enjoyable

If you use Bijiben with Nextcloud, you might have noticed that your local notes are lost as soon as your device is offli… weiterlesen